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Who are we?

We have more than 20 years’ experience from a broad spectrum of assignments in areas such as technology, administration, sales and marketing, and have worked as professional translators since 1986.


Roar Riseld studied engineering (control engineering: electronics, control systems, automation) and subsequently complemented this with additional studies in computer technology and business administration. He has extensive experience not only in these specialist areas but also in conducting courses in technical training, and in carrying out sales and marketing work throughout Scandinavia as well as in the UK, Germany and Austria. This has reinforced Roar’s firm foundation in technology with a sound knowledge of languages and experience of how to compose and formulate messages and inter-personal communication. Roar has worked full-time as a translator since 1986.

Roar has extensive experience of translation within the following specialist areas:

  • Power generation and distribution
  • Civil and structural engineering, heating, ventilation & sanitation engineering
  • Electrical engineering, installations
  • Lighting, lamps and lighting control
  • Electronics, instrumentation
  • Control engineering, process control
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Steel and metals
  • Automotive industry: cars, trucks and buses
  • Forestry
  • Timber and wood products
  • Pulp and paper
  • Printing
  • Internet and communication
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Sales and marketing
  • Press releases


Liv Riseld er utdannet sekretær fra Oslo Handelsskole og har 20 års erfaring som sjefssekretær fra ulike bedrifter og bransjer. Liv har arbeidet som oversetter på heltid siden 1990.

Liv has extensive experience of translation in the following specialist areas:

  • Consumer electronics (radio, TV, CD and DVD)
  • Vehicle navigation systems
  • Refrigerators, ovens etc.
  • Kitchen and bathroom furniture
  • Furnishings, fittings and textiles
  • Food and foodstuffs
  • Clothes and fashion
  • Environmental and social issues
  • Children’s playground equipment
  • Travel and tourism
  • Press releases

Membership of Professional Organisations:

  • Norske Sivilingeniørers Forening - The Norwegian Society of Chartered Engineers
  • Norsk faglitterær forfatter- og oversetterforening - The Norwegian Association of Non-fiction Writers and Translators
  • Sveriges Facköversättarförening - The Swedish Association of Professional Translators
  • European Association for Machine Translation


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