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Buyer's Guide 

A few words of advice for translation buyers

Before contacting a translator for assistance with a text, it is important to establish answers to the following questions:

  • How will the text be used? Who is the target group?
    Is the text intended for internal or external use? Is the message aimed at the general public or at specialists? Is the text to be used as operating instructions for a technically sophisticated product? Will the text be used for sales or marketing purposes?
  • Terminology
    Is there any special terminology for the specific area to which the translation refers? Is this terminology available to the translator? If so, how? Do you wish the translator to establish the terminology? If so, is there anyone the translator may contact for terminological assistance? If a client has developed special terminology it is important that the translator has access to this.
  • Manuscript and reference materials
    The text to be translated should be finally approved and clear. Ideally, texts should be delivered both as a text document and as a PDF file complete with pictures, photos and diagrams etc. It is an advantage if the translator is provided with as much reference material as possible in the form of texts with a similar content, previous translations etc.
    Photos, illustrations or maybe even a video are of invaluable help to the translator. Don’t forget! A picture says more than a thousand words.
  • Contact person
    It is important for the translator to be given the name of a member of the client’s staff who is suitably qualified to explain technical details, special features etc. if required.
  • Format
    What format is the original text? Is all the text to be translated available in an ordinary word processing program, or is some of the text in the form of graphics, which require special software to open and amend?


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